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Capturing the light is everything; it is always the light that I remember most about my subject. Its elusive quality can transform a figure, face or form in just a matter of seconds. I strive to convey the sense of place by capturing light and darks fleeting moment. Whilst being able to detect recognisable emotions and experiences within Paul’s figures,  his aim is to allow the viewer to find themselves searching for and drawing out their own individual narratives and meanings.it continues to be Paul’s ongoing inspirat

Born in Birmingham UK in 1952, Paul is a self taught painter who does not set out to produce art about any one subject but gives his mind free rein to experiment with ideas, techniques and mediums. By challenging himself to tackle the unknown, untried and unsure, his technique and style continues to evolve into the work he produces today.




                       2015 - The Fold Gallery Bransford

                       2015 = The Priory Gallery Malvern Worcestershire

                       2015 - West Malvern arts festival

                       2016 - The Homend ledbury

                       2016 - Hartigans Art Malvern

                       2016 - Broadway Open art Competition - finalist

                       2016 - Light Space & Time Animal Art Competition Special Recognition Award 2016

                       2016 - Cheltenham Art in The Park

                       2016 - Leamington Arts in Park         

                       2016 - Worcester Quayside arts festival     

                       2016 - Contrasts Art Exhibition The Exchange Moseley Birmingham

                       2017 - Newent Open Art Prize - finalist

                       2917 - Arches Project - Hidden Talent - Exhibitor

                       2017 - Summer exhibition - Core Collective Solihull

                       2017 - Cheltenham Art in the Park - Exhibitor            

Broadway Arts Festival 2016
I am delighted to inform you that the following entry has been accepted for the final judging stage of the competition.

Boy Soldier 1

We had a enormous number of entries over 560 so getting down to 200 has been a huge challenge for the judges!
Pleased to have exhinited my work in the Contrasts exhibiton, with Paula Gabb at The Moseley Exchange from 8th Nov - 20th Dec 2016

Comments on exhibiton by Art Bham -Paul is exhibiting his works in monochrome scale, portraying the ffigurative form, musicians and faces , with an excellent use of directional light.

Comments for private viewing
Owen  - excellent contrats of two very distinct and wonderful styles
Chris & Pete - Very talented
Carol - Very dramatic
Emma - Fabulous

They Will be home Soon
Light Space And Time Special recognition Award
An international competition was held in  May2016 which determined theart
for thisexhibition.The gallery received submissions from  22different countriesand also received
entries from42different states.
Overall,900entries were judged for this art competition.Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s category winners,along with the winning Special Merit and Special Recognition artists.

The gallerycommends all of the winning artists for their artistic skill and their creativity, as thisonline art exhibition is indicative of their creativity. To proceed to the galleries 6th Annual“Animals”onlineart exhibitionfollow this link

Footnote - this picture now resides with an Australian collector